2019 Designers


Shukuru Couture by Shukuru Bilal

Is owned by Melanie Austin a native of St. Louis, Missouri. A self­ taught emerging designer and celebrity stylist. Shukuru has been designing women’s fashions for 20 years. Shukuru Couture’s unique designs consist of an intricate mix of fabrics from, hand­dyed dupioni silk, linen and cottons, leather to lace, burlap and sequins etc.. Her fashion style and attention to details can be interpreted as “Art meets Fashion.” Shukuru’s designs are inspired by, vivid contrasting colors and movement in nature­ both peaceful and dramatic, with cultural influences from Africa to India, Paris to the U.S. and beyond. Shukuru Couture has fashion’s in local boutiques and coming soon online at Shukuru Couture.com. Shukuru showcases her fashions annually across the U.S.

Queens’ Creations by Nefertari Hazziez

Fashion designer Nefertari H. Hazziez

Queens’ Creations was created to empower the modest woman with creative expression that exudes excellence and elegance.  Queens’ Creations has become a house hold name that illuminated from the famous Peacock Dress which was debuted in Graceline Fashion Show in Chicago over a decade now.  She later designed another Peacock dress that would be showcased at the casting for Project Runway.  Since then Queens’ Creations has been featured in Azizah Magazine on a few occasions. (Volume 6 Issue 1 and Volume 7 issue 4 to name a couple.)

Stimulated by the designer’s lifestyle, her vision has been to use Queens’ Creations as a vehicle to inspire, build confidence and increase self-esteem so that women can be their own kind of beautiful.

QC is here to influence Modest Fashion with designs and enhance the natural beauty that builds self-awareness and promote positive style and grace.

A Glance at her Fashion Portfolio

Fashion Shows:  Production: Queens’ Creations; Good for the Soul Fashion and Entertainment Show, Sealed Nectar-(Atlanta Ga); Mica Runway (New York), National Hair and Fashion Expo (Kansas City) and a host of many others between 2003-2019

Contestant Television Production Shows:  Project Runway & Fashion Star.

Styling:  Azizah Magazine,  Local 479 IATSE and a host of professionals looking for change in wardrobe and style.


Siri 2 Siri by Shareefa Carrion

Siri2Siri – Reflecting the style within

An Atlanta based designer who was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. She developed a passion for designing and sewing at a young age.

Shareefa always had a flare for wearing creative clothing and wearing her Hijab with “Flare”.  After so many years of receiving compliments on her clothes and hijab, she realized she found her passion. Designing, for the Muslim Women.

Upon graduating from High school Siri quickly enrolled in Houston Community College and began her studies in their Fashion Design program. Later she moved to Atlanta and graduated from American InterContinental University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and Marketing.

The designs for Siri2Siriincorporates bright colors, lightweight fabrics and draw inspiration From Latin and African roots into her designs. Her passion is creating wonderful, practicalclothing for the busy women.

Not only is she designing, she has opened a sewing academy based out of her home called Sew Haute Sewing Academy.  Where she teaches the next generation how to sew.


Beautiful Jamila by Rahima Shaban

Being an immigrant to America, Rahima Shaban has a large extended family that she was trying to assist back in Kenya. But her commitments here in America had grown with her own family that funds sent to Kenya had begun to decrease and were far apart whenever she had any to spare.

In a conversation with her mother on her current state of affairs, her mother told her of her cousin’s wife who had a promising future as a seamstress. In a bid to try something new, Rahima ordered fabric for 20 dresses. When those dresses arrived they were Perfect!! The fit and finishing was good and Rahima received compliments wherever she wore them. Encouraged by the response she ordered some more and set up at Atlanta Masjid’s Community market one Friday in February of 2013. The ladies loved the patterns, colors and designs of the leso (or khanga, fabric common in the East African region) dresses.

With the encouragement of Naimah Abdullah and Na’Imah Hasan, Rahima participated in the Sealed Nectar Fashion Show of that year and saw the potential of turning this into a viable business.

Rahima likes to refer to herself as an accidental business person. She claims that she did not choose business but that business actually chose her (The qadar of Allah). She continues to pursue her passion in the fashion industry as a Creative Director. Working with artisans and helping them raise their quality of goods to international standards.The future is definitely bright for this upcoming business. |


Madambutterfly by Wahida Latif

Wahida Latif is the owner/Creator of MadamButterfly Designs. For over 25 years as an entrepreneur she has been managing her own design company with the belief that women should have a choice when it comes to style and fashion.  She received her training from Jane Addams Vocational High School finishing with above average skills. All her life all she thought of was to be a designer.

In 1979 Wahida started Designer Studio, a business in Atlanta, Georgia to bring emerging designers together in one location.  At this location the opportunity was given to teach students from Bauder Fashion College and help them find their own ideas in fashion.  As a young woman, she enjoyed teaching the skills she acquired and learned to be of service in the community by participating in fundraisers to help raise funds for the Atlanta Masjid schools for 16 years.

Wahida’s talents have landed in the film and movie industry, working in such movies as “Good Deeds, “The Coat of Many Colors”, Hunger Games I, II and III” and many other productions in the Atlanta, GA area.

The vision, MadamButterfly, is one that emerged out of  Wahida, from a creative movement toward designing clothing that celebrates the Butterfly in all women.  Too often our culture presses women towards fashions that can objectify their bodies.

The Madam Butterfly line, celebrates the transformative power of women.  Madam Butterfly designs call you out of the Cocoon and into Flight.  Women have stated they feel like a butterfly when they wear her designs.  Her creations float like the flutter of wings giving women design options which has been Wahida Latif’s goal for many years.  “My idea about a design should last forever being constructed with simplicity and committed to the classics for the modest women”.

Fabak Fashions by Asya Khamsin


Timbuktutu Originals by Inaya Robinson


Timbuktutu Originals is the concept of 15 year-old CEO, Inaya Robinson. The daughter of two entrepreneurs, she is following in the footsteps of her father by memorizing the Holy Quran in Medina Baye, Senegal, west Africa. She is also utilizing the example of her mother by running a business as a young teenager. Inaya employs local artisans and tailors to craft her beautiful designs. In her free time, she enjoys boxing, babysitting, shopping, and pretending to eat her vegetables. Her company, Timbuktutu Originals, designs amazing tutus using gorgeous African print fabrics right from the bustling outdoor markets in Kaolack, Senegal. Accented with frilly tulle and a cute bow, Timbuktutus, form the base product of her company. Jackets, headwraps, shoes, and accessories make the look complete.
Timbuktutu Originals founder began with a dream and a prayer. The dream of a 15 year old who wanted to blend her two homes into one. The frilly tulle and style of Inaya’s tutus represent her American heritage while the bold and beautiful African print fabrics showcase the country that has become her home, Senegal, west Africa. Her prayer is that all girls have the opportunity to pursue their goals and learn to be global citizens through education and perseverance.  A PORTION OF SALES GOES TOWARD SUPPORTING EDUCATION OF GIRLS IN SENEGAL.







Z by Aziza Shakur

Facebook: Aziza Shakur
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Twitter: Aziza&ZByAziza
Pinterest: Pinterest.com/Aziza

Aziza Shakur is an artist. An Atlanta native, Aziza is a homeschooled 6th grader. Aziza draws, designs jewelry, swims, takes tennis lessons, is an avid story writer and love to act, all while maintaining an ‘A’ average. She is a bookworm, loves watching movies, and spending time with her family. ‘Z’ by Aziza is her brand new line. This 10 year old is ambitious, goal oriented, and ready to make her mark.