2020 Designers


Aya Donna by Adiellah Bates

Introduced in 2011, Aya Donna is a form of creative expression by designer Adiellah “Adi” Bates. Using predominantly African fabric, the Aya Donna product line currently includes clothing, jewelry, bags, and other accessories.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Adi has had a passion for creativity her entire life. Growing up, she enjoyed artistic endeavors such as drawing and painting. She received a degree in Studio Art in 2007 but it wasn’t until 4 years later, while completing her Masters Degree in Marketing, that she began to channel her creativity into sewing.

As a child, Adi also participated in West African Dance, as a member of the Watoto Uhuru Dancers in Decatur, GA. After nearly a decade of separation, she was reintroduced to West African dance in 2010 and embedded in a community full of creative inspiration. The music, movement, culture, community, and colorful garments immediately drew her in and lit the flame that would soon after be called Aya Donna.


With fabric as the medium, Aya Donna is an ever-expanding product line of unique handmade items.  “Aya” comes from the Adinkra symbol representing both strength and creativity. “Donna,” the Italian word for woman, represents ones cultural infusion of classy, stylish, cool. Together, the name Aya Donna, expresses a dynamic essence of cultural creativity.


Queens’ Creations by Nefertari Hazziez

Nefertari Hazziez is an innovator who was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, residing in Georgia for 15 years. She understands the importance of having confidence as a multifaced woman in the 21st century. She is known for creating designs that tell a story from concept to consumer. In 2002 Nefertari was inspired by Imam Mohammed to act on her interest in fashion. By 2006 Nefertari graduated Summa Cumm Laude with her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from American Intercontinental University in Atlanta Georgia. With this her company Queens’ Creations began to bloom. 

Queens’ Creations was created to empower the modest woman with creative expression that exudes excellence and elegance. Queens’ Creations has become a household name that illuminated from the famous Peacock Dress which was debuted in Graceline Fashion Show in Chicago a few years now. She later designed another Peacock dress that would be showcased at the casting for Project Runway. Since then Queens’ Creations has been featured in Azizah Magazine a few times. (Volume 6 Issue 1 and Volume 7 issue 4 to name a couple.) 

Stimulated by the designer’s lifestyle, her vision has been to use Queens’ Creations as a vehicle to inspire, build confidence and increase self-esteem so you can be your own kind of beautiful. 

QC is here to influence Modest Fashion with designs and enhance the natural beauty that builds self-awareness and promote positive style and grace. 

Being a Fashion Designer is one of her many titles. However, what makes Nefertari so unique is her dedication to love and nurture a balanced family life with her beloved husband, her 7 children and 2 grandchildren. She also uses her skillset as a Residential Redeveloper and Service people through financial needs to protect themselves and their family’s future. 

In the realm of fashion as a Muslim designer Nefertari is committed to emerging Queens’ Creations Designs within new markets to promote freedom of expression through modesty. 

A Glance at her Fashion Portfolio 

Fashion Shows: Queens’ Creations; Good for the Soul Fashion and Entertainment Show, We Buy Black 2019, Perpetual Fashion Show, Sealed Nectar-(Atlanta Ga); Mica Runway (New York), National Hair and Fashion Expo (Kansas City) and a host of many others between 2003-2019 

Contestant: Project Runway and Fashion Star. 

Styling: Azizah Magazine, Local 479 IATSE and a host of professionals looking for change in wardrobe and style. 

Shy Chic by Fajr Muhammad 

Since childhood, Fajr Muhammad has been passionate about fashion and creative arts such as drawing and painting. Since her mid-teens, Muhammad began to steer that passion towards sewing as another creative outlet. With about 25 years of sewing experience under her belt, Muhammad was first exposed to sewing through her grandmother who used to sew skirts and other items for her and her family. Her grandmother is still one of her fashion influences today, as well as fashion icons like Michelle Obama, Erykah Badu, and Rihanna. She admires eclectic styles that “push the envelope” and don’t conform to the beauty standards of the masses. To create looks like this she says she pushes boundaries with color.

Now, Muhammad is the owner of her self-founded company Shy Chic, which is titled to represent her Chicago roots and her trendy yet modest style. Now, an Atlanta resident, Muhammad does custom designing and fitting, sewing, and styling through her business. Through Shy Chic, she also creates fashion-forward dolls for girls of color. Although Muhammad’s creative process is “out-the-box,” she still concerns herself with helping clients maintain their modesty while ensuring they feel beautiful and that the piece truly represents them. One way in which she does this is by striving to never have any two pieces that are alike, giving special treatment to each client and design.

The 2020 Sealed Nectar Fashion Show will be Muhammad’s first time having a full collection in a fashion show. However, Muhammad has showcased pieces in fashion shows, has dressed models for fashion shows and special events, and has helped plan and coordinate fashion shows. She’s ready, hopeful, and excited to push herself into this new direction of experiences.


Sabreen’s Creations by E. Sabreen Ihsan-Rashada

Sabree was born in Elaine, Arkansas.  Her parents moved to Syracuse, N.Y. when she was 2 yrs. old. She loved art and colors. Her interest in sewing began at an early age.


At age 13 while in the eighth grade, her art teacher suggested she buy some fabric scraps so that she could see the difference between fabric and paper colors. Once she did that, she began to love fabrics.


Her first sewing project was making an apron in Home Economics class… hence the beginning of her love for sewing.


During  H.S. she took a 3 year course in Fashion Design from a French Instructor. Thereafter, she took several other sewing classes.


Her first job was in the Alterations Department at an exclusive Women’s dress Store. At age 20 she began sewing professionally.


After joining the Nation of Islam, in 1973, she put on a Children’s Fashion Show with the theme being “Cotton”.


Throughout the years, 1980’s – 2000’s, she has made garments for many sisters in the Muslim communities from Syracuse, N.Y., L.A. and Georgia. Here in Atlanta, she also put on a Children’s fashion show which was presented to the under 35 group.


She has always taken much pride in the tailor-made garments requested by several sisters. Her slogan being “Garments tailored to your unique silhouette, looking as good on the inside as they do on the outside”.


Her garments are of such quality, that those made in 1980 still look like they were made recently. She has always told her clients, they will never see their garment on anyone else, because they are “one of a kind designs”, which is unique to her business.


She first participated in the fashion show in the years 1999 and 2000. She is now back  for a third time. She prays you will love her garments.


Madambutterfly by Wahida Latif

Wahida Latif is the owner/Creator of MadamButterfly Designs. For over 25 years as an entrepreneur she has been managing her own design company with the belief that women should have a choice when it comes to style and fashion.  She received her training from Jane Addams Vocational High School finishing with above average skills. All her life all she thought of was to be a designer.

In 1979 Wahida started Designer Studio, a business in Atlanta, Georgia to bring emerging designers together in one location.  At this location the opportunity was given to teach students from Bauder Fashion College and help them find their own ideas in fashion.  As a young woman, she enjoyed teaching the skills she acquired and learned to be of service in the community by participating in fundraisers to help raise funds for the Atlanta Masjid schools for 16 years.

Wahida’s talents have landed in the film and movie industry, working in such movies as “Good Deeds, “The Coat of Many Colors”, Hunger Games I, II and III” and many other productions in the Atlanta, GA area.

The vision, MadamButterfly, is one that emerged out of  Wahida, from a creative movement toward designing clothing that celebrates the Butterfly in all women.  Too often our culture presses women towards fashions that can objectify their bodies.

The Madam Butterfly line, celebrates the transformative power of women.  Madam Butterfly designs call you out of the Cocoon and into Flight.  Women have stated they feel like a butterfly when they wear her designs.  Her creations float like the flutter of wings giving women design options which has been Wahida Latif’s goal for many years.  “My idea about a design should last forever being constructed with simplicity and committed to the classics for the modest women”.

Shukuru Couture by Melanie Austin

Shukuru is a self-taught and apprenticed, emerging fashion designer.

Designing modest beautiful high fashion women’s wear and custom design for over 30 years.
Recently established a new exciting online company “Shukuru couture” with her four daughters Na’Aisha, Summiyah, Khadijah and Fatimah who all reside in Atlanta, Ga.
Shukuru couture is an inclusive, imaginative fashion brand leading with innovation gratitude and distinction.