Nominate A Notable Woman

Women have always been change agents, we are mothers, sisters, business women, doctors, lawyers, domestic home engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians and the list goes on. As we each have a place in the world, we vibrantly display ourselves to the world through fashion, consciously and unconsciously.  This year’s theme, “Notable Women, will reflect various women in history that inspire us and move us to greater heights.

Congratulations to all the Nominees:

The Ansar Award – A woman who exemplifies the best character and is a helper in her community. 

  • Khadijah Askari 
  • Zakiyyah Ahmed
  • Ameenah Sabree
  • Terri Ali
  • Shahidah Sulaiman
  • Brenda Rashid
  • Shahidah Sharif 
  • Adilah Saleem 
  • Claudia Hasan
  • Mary Salaam 


Most Influential Business Woman Award – A woman whose accomplishments and contributions are exemplary and have led the way in the business community.

  • Jaliwa Owuo
  • Amira Wazeer
  • Ameenah Sabree
  • Hajja Karima Sultan
  • Amber Khan
  • N’aimah Abdullah
  • Ifraj Suad Sabree 
  • Jamilah Jihad
  • Wafiyyah Nurridin


Most Influential Award – A woman who harnesses the power of influence to transform her community and those around her. 

  • Ameenah Sabree 
  • Aneesah Dawan
  • Daarina Farooq Jannah
  • Taryn Saddiq 
  • Akanke Rasheed 


Agent of Change Award – A woman working to make a positive impact in the community by helping to shape the lives of the people around them.

  • Mumina Ali
  • Hajja Karimah 
  • Ameenah Sabree
  • Rasheedah Shabazz 
  • N’aimah Abdullah
  • Hadayai Majeed
  • Islah Ali? Islah Rashada who works at Mohammed Schools?


Most Influential Teacher –  A woman who teaches in a way that her students learn the most, and she leaves a positive and lasting impression. 

  • Majeedah Ali 
  • Mekeyta Haliymah Freeman
  • Fatima Khokhar 
  • Ameenah Sabree
  • Shahidah Sharif